Craft Auto Works Lithium Ion Batteries


Introducing Craft Autoworks LiFePO4 Batteries, expertly crafted for van and overland conversions. Our batteries boast an ultra-compact design, a manual Low State of Charge (SOC) wake-up system, integrated self-heating, a serviceable BMS & cells with a detachable lid, plus an impressive 8-year warranty.

What sets us apart is our innovative low SOC wake-up system. Unlike traditional LiFePO4 batteries, our proprietary circuit allows you to temporarily activate the battery by pressing the momentary “Wake Up” switch, even when the BMS has entered low SOC mode. This feature eliminates the need for specialized chargers, making off-grid applications more reliable and cost-effective. Experience battery excellence like never before with Craft Autoworks.

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Craft Auto Works Lithium Ion Batteries
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